3000 S. 4th St.
Louisville, KY 40208

Call (502) 618-1458



Haunted Hotel is an extreme attraction and not suited for Kids under the age of 13. It's is up to the parents discretion to know if your little monster can handle what we have inside of our haunt. Expect vulgar language and horrible things inside.



*VIP - FAST PASS - $35 (Skip to the front of the line)


Are you afraid of the DARK?

This Halloween Season Haunted Hotel gives you the chance to experience one of the SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSES IN AMERICA in a "new light". Haunted Hotel must have forgotten to pay the electric bill or maybe one of the deranged lunatics inside cut the power. Either case, HAUNTED HOTEL goes LIGHTS OUT!!! Navigate your way through dark hallways and corridors and hopefully you will find your way out, but we doubt it!!!! Experience all the terror and fight of Haunted Hotel, without the lights!!!! Haunted Hotel, We'll turn the lights out for you!!!

T-Shirt - $20 for all T-shirts

Your ticket is good for any night we are open.

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